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Load-Logistics Transportation Management System from LL Software®

A brief overview of some of the available features is described below.

Our ELD devices and software are currently registered with the FMCSA

  No Software Installation Needed
Load-Logistics modules do not require installation of software on the user's computer in order to use the Load-Logistics applications.
Any computer, with encryption-capable browser and assigned access, can support the software modules.

EDSR (Electronic Document Storage & Retrieval)

This feature allows for electronic document storage and retrieval.
Documents can be uploaded to the server, or may be created by the modules
themselves, and later viewed, retrieved or printed.
Additionally, documents created from the Load-Logistics modules are "attached" to the appropriate customer, driver, load or trip and can be viewed via a standard web browser.

A few examples of EDSR are:
  credit authorization and other documents relating to a customer
  Proof of Insurance, W-9, COA and other documents related to a Carrier
  load documents to a specific load (authorization, description, image etc)
  Proof of Delivery (POD) and service documents to a load or stop
  trip documents for specific trips
  and many other document types

RDD (Remote Document Display)
This feature allows authorized users to view and print documents remotely that are "attached" to their assigned loads and/or trips.

EDA (Electronic Data Attachments)
This feature will create CSV (comma-delimited values) file(s) and "attach" these files to the applicable emails being sent.
These files can then be used to "import" the data into the user's various external applications.

Internal Messaging & SMS Texts
This feature allows the users to communicate using a closed "internal messaging system" which does not require external communications software and/or applications since this messaging system is a "closed-system" software module.
These messages cause indicators to appear on the menu screens and can be accessed using the internal messaging software in this module.
Additionally, the dispatchers have the capability to send SMS texts directly to the driver's cell phone if needed.

System and Software Compatibility
ALL Load-Logistics modules are designed to be accessible from mobile devices such as I-Phones, I-Pads, Smart Phones or any device with web browser capability.

GPS Vehicle and Asset Tracking
The Load-Logistics dispatch modules use Android® tablets to track and identify
assets. Additional interfaces to your current GPS or AVL provider to track equipment can also be created (additional charges may apply for non-certified equipment).

  AEN (Automated Email Notification)
This feature allows automated email notifications to be sent using event triggers such as:
  customers - when loads are picked up
  customers - when loads are delivered
  customers - when invoices are created (invoice attached)
  drivers - when loads/trips have been assigned
  drivers - when loads/trips are modified
  and many more triggers

M.I.L.E.S Android® Applications Suite
The Load-Logistics "Management Integrated Logistics Executive Suite" is a collection of Android® applications which communicate in real-time with devices in the vehicles as well as communications to and from Dispatch.
These apps allow for the automation of many driver daily functions (described below) while greatly reducing the need for constant communications between the driver and dispatcher while also greatly increasing management functions and capabilities. The tablet apps also "trigger" AEN functions which automatically send notifications to customers, dispatchers and shippers.
Using log book information, the drivers are notified of potential violations for on-duty, driving and breaks.
These apps also allow for local printing of Log Books, DVIRs, PODs and Service Invoices and more (if printers are installed in the vehicle).

OBD Diagnostics Interface
The Load-Logistics Android® apps communicate in real-time with the OBD device in the trucks to report Real-Time statistics including Fault Codes, RPM, Odometer, Speedometer and other parameters to the dispatchers. This option requires Android® tablets and OBD device to be used in the truck.
In addition, the on-board OBD diagnostic tool allows the driver to inspect information retrieved from the OBD.

User-Controlled Administrative Functions
Load-Logistics modules allow your system administrator to configure all necessary profiles including customers, drivers, carriers, tractors, trailers, IMEI and GPS data and external application conversion parameters.
Your system administrator also configures the "notification" parameters, document "view" and "upload" capabilities.

External Applications
ALL Load-Logistics modules can be modified to interface to, and from, your existing external applications.
Data (CSV) files can be imported into the Load-Logistics modules.
Data (CSV) files are created to be imported into your external applications.

GEO-Locator and Interactive Mileage Calculations
Load-Logistics modules automatically assign Latitudes and Longitudes to each
customer, pickup or delivery location when entered and then calculate mileage
between pickup and delivery locations. This feature is also used by the Android® apps for Google® mapping functions.

IFTA and Lane Analysis Reporting
Using the longitudes and latitudes of the pickup and delivery locations,
the Load-Logistics dispatch modules produces various Lane Analysis and IFTA reports.

System Flow

Available Software Modules

Load Logistics & Dispatch

Logistics & Dispatch

The Load-Logistics dispatch modules are a comprehensive collection of tools needed to manage freight, inventory, equipment, drivers and other assets, electronic document storage, equipmant maintenance tracking and reporting, shipper notification, driver tracking, reconciliaton, load board interface as well as MANY more functions !
The dispatch modules support LTL, FullLoad, Service, Route and Intermodal configurations.

Yard Management

Yard Management

The Yard Management modules track inbound and outbound equipment by carrier/owner and equipment identification. These modules provide current and historical location reporting by carrier and/or equipment along with unloading, loading and equipment status information.


Freight Brokerage

Freight Brokerage

The Load-Logistics modules can be configured to accomodate freight brokers as well as carriers.
As with the "standard" dispatch modules, shippers are notified of the driver's arrival, departure and current status of their shipment via the AEN (Automated Email Notification) system.

Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management

The warehouse management module performs intake, location and shipping functions as well as locator and historical reporting functions.
The warehouse modules also can be configured to interface with the dispatch modules for a more in-depth and complete historical "picture" of the warehouse inventory both current and previous.

Driver Tablet Applications
(Management Integrated Logistics Executive Suite)

Android tablet apps
Driver Remote Login
ELD Log Books
Driver Logs
Payload Reconciliation
Driver Work Flow
Service Truck Dispatch
Service Truck Tracking
Truck Fuel app
android email app
Remote documents
Remote file transfer
modify trip configuration
Scale Locator
display HOS
display driver stops
display bread crumbs
DVIR create
OBD Diags

What People are saying...

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The implementation of the Load Logistics system is by far the best decision we have ever made. We have cut costs, improved efficiency and accountability, all at a fraction of what our previous system was costing us. And at the same time, the Load Logistics system does a better job and allows us more flexibility and options.
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