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Getting the Load Logistics system is by far the best decision we ever made. We have cut costs, have better accountability and have way more features to do what we need.

This system gives us more flexibility and more options at a lower cost than our other system. We’re real glad that we switched.

The Load Logistics software has had a tremendous and positive impact on the overall operations of our company.

Not only has it prepared us for the inevitable ELD regulations, but their custom solutions have allowed us to offer “one of a kind” services to our customers, which has also saved them money.

Load Logistics has been a life saver for our operation since 2013. It has reduced our IFTA reporting from days to minutes. It has allowed us to research load issues & customer payment issues on the spot.

In addition, we have been able to eliminate the need for faxing or texting orders to our drivers. Our dispatchers love how user friendly the system is.

The most valuable piece of this system is the ability to contact the company directly with questions.

We are a company that has grown from 35 employees to about 120 in less than 5 years. The level of technology that we had in our trucks was non-existent, let alone technology tying our fleet into the shop, dispatch, IFTA, invoicing, GPS, parts management, etc. With the mandate of ELD on the horizon, we began to look for a vendor, many phone calls, a couple of demonstrations later, I was feeling a bit overwhelmed. The installation procedures alone on many of them seemed prohibitive, the training seemed impossible, the level of service from the vendors I spoke with did not appear that it would be as responsive as I was going to need. I would rather scrap the whole project, stay on paper logs, paper VCR’s, basically. I could not see the benefit of going through this process with anyone. There must be a better way, back to Google search. Then I found Load Logistics, problems solved.

Dealing with software companies has become such a pain, no customer service, no integration without additional cost, it’s never exactly what you want, but they try to convince you it’s exactly what you want. You end up settling, never hearing from them again.

NOT with Load Logistics. Mike and his teams asked questions, cared about my business, learned what I do so they could anticipate my needs. Never shoving anything down my throat, but always providing suggestions. Customized their software to fit my needs, not the other way around.

Our first talk was over a year ago (early 2014), and to this day, when I want a tweak, or an add-on, or something changed, I get a real person first time on the phone, and my issue is generally a non-issue within a few minutes. I am not stuck in a long-term contract, I can walk away anytime.

Mike’s knowledge of the ELD mandate is second to none, I have tried to read that pile of bureaucratic bunk more than once, and easily become lost. Suffice to say, I know he knows it “end-to-end” , so don’t be confused.

I am sure there are other quality programs out there, if you are looking for standalone ELD, go elsewhere. But for the same price, the Load Logistics system will have you saving money and will give you a better handle on your business. If you have a question, idea, or concern, just ask, Load Logistics is capable of things I don’t know, but I know enough to quit the google search as my first option, I call Load Logistics first. They are currently customizing an inventory control program for my shop, that will keep my inventory levels where they should be, let me know what trucks are costing me how much money, what supplier parts are more reliable than others, manage my shop time, maintain constant and live communications with truck diagnostics as they travel down the road, and the list goes on.

If your job is keeping trucks on the road, efficiently delivering and picking up, properly and professionally accounting for billable time, minimizing down time, maximizing shop efficiencies, wrapped up in a program that fits your needs, not something you need to conform to, then call Load Logistics. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed. By the way, these folks don’t sleep. Pretty rare not to get a live person, regardless of time of day. Program procurement and technology integration is always a daunting task, call them, they know what they are doing, and they truly care about your business.

To me, Load Logistics is not a vendor, they are a partner with me in my business.

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