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Load Logistics® TMS (Transportation Management System), provides real-time access to information regarding assets, loads, drivers’ hours of service, electronic logbooks, payloads, work flows, fueling information, service and maintenance records, tracking, electronic document transfer, planning and scheduling, route optimization, vehicle performance and much more. Along with optional Warehouse Management and Yard Management modules, your entire operation will function more efficiently with essential information at your fingertips.

When using the Load Logistics® Transportation Management System Android® tablets apps, which interface directly with the dispatch system, the driver is in constant communications with the dispatcher(s) while being able to electronically transfer data and documents to and from the dispatch office. When drivers are approaching the daily on-duty and driving limits, as well as their HOS maximum, the Load Logistics® TMS system electronically notifies the driver(s) of impending violations. Additionally, the Android® driver apps in the cab allow for imaging, Fuel purchase tracking, receipt tracking, POD confirmation, bar code tracking, and much more. There’s no more paper, just seamless compliance.

With Load Logistics® Transportation Management System, your drivers can focus on driving, and your dispatchers have immediate and safe communication to your drivers. Additionally, the AEN (Automated Electronic Notification) function(s) keep your clients and shippers updated with the latest status of their shipments. This means your customers are happy and your fleet runs more efficiently and safely.

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Transportation Management System

FMCSA/DOT Compliant ELDs

Our ELDs are BYOD Android® devices. There are over 35 Android® applications available which perform many functions including the mandated RODS and Log Book operations. These apps perform ALL required and mandated functions which are defined in the latest FMCSA regulations.

Additionally, the “Management Integrated Logistics Executive Suite” (aka M.I.L.E.S) allows for Single and Team drivers, Exempt and Non-Exempt drivers and many other functions over and above the new regulations.
(see more details in Driver Android Tablet Applications).

M.I.L.E.S Android® Applications Suite

The Load Logistics® “Management Integrated Logistics Executive Suite” is a collection of Android® applications which communicate in real-time with devices in the vehicles as well as communications to and from Dispatch. As new app features/functions become available, updates are auto-loaded to the appropriate devices. The Android® apps are designed to function without mobile data service by storing information changes and uploading when service has been re-acquired.

These apps allow for the automation of many driver daily functions reducing the need for constant communications between the driver and dispatcher and greatly increasing management functions and capabilities. The Android® apps also “trigger” AEN functions which automatically send notifications to customers, dispatchers and shippers.

Using log book information, the drivers are notified of potential HOS violations for on-duty, driving and breaks.

These apps also allow for local printing of Log Books, DVIRs, PODs and Service Invoices and more (if printers are installed in the vehicle).

IFTA Reporting

Using the optional SmartTruckRoute® app, the Android® apps report mileage by state to the server(s).

Coupled with the fuel data collected by the Fueling app, IFTA reporting data is available to management.

The Load Logistics® dispatch modules produce various Lane Analysis and IFTA* reports.

OBD Diagnostics

Load Logistics® Android® apps communicate in real-time with the ECM in the vehicle via the OBD diagnostic port, which allows reporting of Real-Time statistics including Fault Codes, RPM, Odometer, Speedometer and other parameters to the dispatchers. This OBD interface allows reporting of all available information from the ECM.

In addition, the on-board diagnostic (OBD) tool allows the driver to inspect information retrieved from the ECM.

ECM Interface

Load Logistics® ECM Interface Android® apps are able to analyze far more ECM values than are required by the new regulations.

The ECM Interface app allows the driver(s) and/or mechanic(s) to view/diagnose ECM parameters without having to bring the vehicle into the repair shop. This utility also has the ability to email the reported results in the event a “record” is needed.  (see more details in ECM Interface Android® Tablet Application)

Vehicle Monitoring (VMS)

Vehicle Monitoring (VMS) allows management and dispatchers to remotely monitor the values being reported by the ECM. This monitoring function also allows approved personnel to set “Triggers” for each item being monitored
(see more details in Vehicle Monitoring (VMS)).

Mobile Asset Monitoring (LL-CONNECT)

Mobile Asset Monitoring (LL-CONNECT) allows approved personnel to monitor AND communicate with drivers. This tool displays the location, duty status and configuration of the vehicle as well as allowing the user to communicate with the driver via SMS text, email or voice (phone).
(see more details in Mobile Asset Monitoring (LL-CONNECT).

EDSR (Electronic Document Storage & Retrieval)

This feature allows for electronic document storage and retrieval.

Documents can be uploaded to the server, or may be created by the modules themselves, and later viewed, retrieved or printed.

Additionally, documents created from the Load-Logistics modules and apps are “attached” to the appropriate customer, driver, load or trip and can be viewed via a standard web browser.

A few examples of EDSR are:

  • credit authorization and other documents relating to a customer
  • Proof of Insurance, W-9, COA and other documents related to a Carrier
  • load documents to a specific load (authorization, description, image etc)
  • Proof of Delivery (POD) and service documents to a load or stop
  • Trip documents for specific trips
  • and other document types

AEN (Automated Email Notification)

This feature allows automated email notifications to be sent using event triggers such as:

  • customers – when loads are picked up
  • customers – when loads are delivered
  • customers – when invoices are created (invoice attached)
  • drivers – when loads/trips have been assigned
  • drivers – when loads/trips are modified
  • and more

This feature will also create CSV file(s) and/or PDF files and “attach” these files to the applicable emails being sent.

No Software Installation Needed

Load Logistics® TMS modules use Sotware-As-A-Service (SAAS) and do not require installation of software on the user’s computer in order to use the Load Logistics® modules. Any device with encryption-capable browser and valid/current login credentials can access can the TMS application software modules.

User-Controlled Administrative Functions

Load Logistics® modules allow your system administrator to configure all necessary profiles including customers, drivers, carriers, tractors, trailers, IMEI and GPS data and external application conversion parameters.

Your system administrator also configures the “notification” parameters, document “view” and “upload” capabilities.

Applications Import/Export

ALL Load Logistics® modules can be modified to interface to, and from, your existing external applications.

Data (CSV) files can be imported into the Load Logistics® modules.

Data (CSV) files are created to be imported into your external applications.

Applications Interfaces (APIs)

The Load Logistics® TMS modules and Android® apps support API interfaces to multiple software products/vendors available in the market(s). These API interfaces allow the incorporation of existing marketplace functions and capabilities to be embedded with the functionality of the Load Logistics® modules and apps.


Load Logistics® modules (and Android® apps) record and store Latitudes and Longitudes for each asset, customer, user and pickup or delivery location. This function is also used by the Android® apps for mapping and routing functions as well as performance reporting.

Management Applications/Functions

The Load Logistics® TMS modules include a variety of functions including Load Planning & Staging, Route Optimization, Communications Monitoring, configuration options for Company, Drivers, Tractors and Trailers, Performance Analysis, Reporting by Asset, Vehicle Maintenance and many others.

Internal Messaging & SMS Texts

This feature allows the users and drivers to communicate using a closed “internal messaging system” which does not require external communications software and/or applications since this messaging system is a “closed-system” software module.

These messages cause indicators to appear on the menu screens and can be accessed using the internal messaging function(s) in this module.

Additionally, the dispatchers have the capability to send SMS texts or emails directly to the driver’s cell phone if needed.

RDD (Remote Document Display)

This feature allows authorized users to view and print documents remotely that are “attached” to their assigned loads and/or trips.

System and Software Compatibility

ALL Load Logistics® TMS modules are designed to be accessible from mobile devices or any device with web browser capability.

GPS Vehicle and Asset Tracking

The Load Logistics® dispatch modules use Android® devices to track and identify assets.

Additional interfaces to your current GPS or AVL provider to track equipment can also be created (additional charges may apply for non-certified equipment).


Load Logistics® helps fleet managers save time and money for their fleet. With our Transportation Management System (TMS), you can customize software to fit your company needs. Receive update notifications on loads, invoices and trip changes. View real time stats to track truck performance and load locations. Have apps perform mandated functions as defined in the latest FMCSA regulations. Access a dashboard with no software installation.
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Transportation Management System
mobile logistics

ELD Applications (M.I.L.E.S)

Mobile Integrated Logistics Executive Suite ELD Applications

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Vehicle Monitoring (VMS)

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ECM Interface

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Warehouse Management

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The Load Logistics® TMS includes all necessary components to perform day-to-day operations including ELD applications.

Each fleet has access to


applications / functions to facilitate their operation.

Load Logistics TMS Components

No Long-Term Contract

Month-to-Month Service


Getting the Load Logistics system is by far the best decision we ever made. We have cut costs, have better accountability and have way more features to do what we need.

This system gives us more flexibility and more options at a lower cost than our other system. We’re real glad that we switched.

"Tiger" Self
Tristar Transfer

The Load Logistics software has had a tremendous and positive impact on the overall operations of our company.

Not only has it prepared us for the inevitable ELD regulations, but their custom solutions have allowed us to offer “one of a kind” services to our customers, which has also saved them money.

Load Logistics has been a life saver for our operation since 2013. It has reduced our IFTA reporting from days to minutes. It has allowed us to research load issues & customer payment issues on the spot.

In addition, we have been able to eliminate the need for faxing or texting orders to our drivers. Our dispatchers love how user friendly the system is.

The most valuable piece of this system is the ability to contact the company directly with questions.

Tarrence Houston
Sigma Logistics
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